Monday, March 16, 2015

Singapore - the Jukuleles and Going OM

Tonight I went to Going OM, a hippy dippy little sit down bar in Haji Lane, to watch The Jukuleles perform. The band members, Tian and Wan, perform covers, mashups as well as originals on their ukuleles. I first heard Tian sing at one of our friends' karaoke sessions a couple of years ago, and remembered thinking "Damn, this girl sure can sing!" Definitely not your usual karaoke caliber.

The first set started slow and mellow with songs like Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours", Radiohead's Creep and Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. The second set proceeded to be a lot more upbeat with songs from Muse to Oasis to Bruno Mars. I came alive when they did a cover of Taylor Swift's Blank Space. By the end of the night they had people dancing and even singing at the top of their lungs to Cee Lo Green's uncensored version of Forget You. I've always associated ukuleles with tame, Jack Johnson-ish sorta vibes. Who knew the instrument could produce such powerful sounds! Now I want to learn how to play the ukulele too! According to Tian, it is much easier and more forgiving for a girl. The wide guitar necks were always a constant problem for me, forcing me to contort my wrist at weird angles, and made bar chords a terribly tiring affair. I could see why ukuleles might be a welcome change. And it is also travel-friendly. I may very soon trade my guitar for a uke. Any takers?

On this same night I met Barry from my Sisters Island camping trip, and found out he owns a store right next to Going OM. He sells fun things from crystals to incense, prayer flags to tie dyed shirts. I fancied an OM bracelet but it was too big. And I was already wearing a ton of bracelets given by various friends as farewell gifts. I asked Barry for an anklet instead and he pulled out a drawer full of beaded anklets. Instinctively, I picked out one with bells, as though I had been searching all my life for this particular one. I walked up and down the store, listening to the tiny tinkling sounds with each step I took. I bought it and put it on immediately. Later, I would be dancing to the Jukulele tunes with the bells for accompaniment.

Never again will I be lost. When all I want is to sink into the mire of the past, I will find myself by the sound of those bells, the bells shall bring me back to the present.

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