Monday, February 2, 2015

Oahu: Diamond Head Crater

I headed out to conquer the summit of the Diamond Head crater. 1.6 mile round trip hike. My only regret was leaving behind my hiking shoes, in favor of kitten heels and ankle boots. Seriously? What was I thinking? So I flip flopped around in my $2 pair of Locals. Everyone wears them around here, so you can't get anymore local than these Locals.

I embarked on my hike feeling a little self conscious, wary of the weird looks I might get for wearing those insensible "shoes". I relaxed a little when I saw quite a couple of other girls in flip flops. Probably for similar reasons of vanity. I must still be in pretty good shape despite the recent beer bingeing. I managed up and down the trail without my lungs collapsing on me, while all around me people huffed and puffed. I constantly looked around to make sure no one had stopped breathing.

 I recalled all the hikes Justin and I used to do. Emei mountain in Sichuan, the Yellow Mountain in Anhui, the Grand Canyons in Arizona. Diamond Head was nothing compared to those. I still wished he was here with me.

 Got texts from family and friends everyday to check on me. One from Michaela, she had arrived in Barcelona, and encouraged me to buy my ticket out there to see her. David called to check on me, and to thank me for Silas' present. It's nice to hear from everyone (writing this for your benefit :p)

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