Sunday, February 1, 2015

Oahu: Ko Olina Lagoons

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Seahawks vs the Patriots. After Justin's passing, I no longer took any interest in football. Molly and her boyfriend, James took me to the Ko Olina lagoons. The beaches were pristine, the waters clear. There were a total of four lagoons, so visitors were evenly distributed. No crowded beaches.It's interesting to note that all beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. No greedy resort monopoly there. Admirable.

 Seahawks lost the game due to a final bad play call. I wonder what Justin would have to say about that. I saw a thing on FB which was a picture of Russell Wilson getting ready to throw a pass. The caption goes "Hey Russell, want another Super Bowl ring?" "Nah, I'll pass." Touché.

 We saw a turtle near the shore, just frolicking around, although it seemed like it was stranded to me. I saw a heron catch a crab, stretching its neck, and deftly catching the unlucky crustacean between its beak. There were several egrets, although I can never differentiate between the species. Gotta brush up on those birding skills, so I downloaded this birding app for $10. This is now serious business, y'all.

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