Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Singapore: Chinese New Year eve

I time travelled to the future and arrived in Singapore two days after I left. It's Chinese New Year eve today. I hurriedly met up with my friend Jiani before she leaves tomorrow, and also met Nikolai for the very first time! What a lil cheeky monkey! He was slow to warm up to me, but eventually did, because how could he refuse a walk to the fountain to count the stone lions, or watch the skies for birds with Auntie Chewy? I still have some tricks up my sleeve. I sometimes wished Justin and I had a kid, I wondered how he/she would've looked like. We were going to name our son Ernest Dexter Russell (Dexter had been a long standing family name) and if it was a girl she'd have a Chinese name Min Rui, which means sharp, as in sharp as a tack.

I am so jet lagged I slept through my family's reunion dinner. And I was so looking forward to the spread! I woke up three hours too late, and now there are only crummy leftovers in the fridge. Well then, it's time to catch up on my sleep again. Happy Chinese New Year fellas!

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