Monday, February 23, 2015

Singapore - Da Vinci: Shaping the Future

Let's give it up for the supposably travel savvy moi. I couldn't have picked a better time to break in those new kitten heels, especially when I had plans to be out all day. Just brilliant. Took the almost empty train to the ArtsScience Museum to see the exhibition, Da Vinci: Shaping the Future. Just as well there was nobody in my section, I don't think anyone wanted to see me adhere 4 plasters (you say Band-aids I say plasters) on each foot. Not a very pretty sight.

The exhibition was well curated. Each section was accompanied by a Da Vinci inspired installation by different artists. I learned a lot more about Leonardo in this exhibition than the one I saw in Italy. Maybe because I really took my time today, or maybe it also had interactive exhibits that engaged me more than the Italian one did. My favorite section was of course all about Leonardo's paintings -- you learn about his techniques such as chiaroscuro and sfumato; discover Leonardo's principles of symmetry by which he had composed a very balanced and aesthetically pleasing The Last Supper; watch a video that compared Leonardo's Last Supper to the restored version by his pupil Salai.

This exhibition also included original pages from Leonardo's largest notebook Codex Atlanticus which featured pioneering technological inventions and sketches. To say this man is a genius is probably the understatement of the century.

Although I would have loved to spend a couple more hours at the museum, my feet were killing me. I was close to tears at the thought of having to walk another minute in those evil red shoes. So I bit the bullet, flagged a cab and headed back home.

I have also forgotten how finicky Singapore's weather can be. When I left the house again, (this time wearing more sensible flip flops) it was bright and sunny. Then I took the train, emerged from the station, right into a tropical thunderstorm. According to my friend, it hasn't rained in days, but the heavens decided today's the day to turn my day from bad to worse. Of course, the umbrella was the last thing on my mind, even though it should be a staple in every Singaporean's bag. Maybe I was just supposed to stay home today.

But I visited Julia, met up with Shoba, and had a very pleasant end to the day, thank god. I just checked the weather app, and I think I'm just gonna stay in tomorrow.

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